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Selecting a site that is appropriate and suitable for the type of proposed development is one of the most important decisions of a construction project. Our team can help you by determining how well the characteristics of the site match the needs of the proposed development. This will help you both in site decision-making and subsequent project execution.


At K4MDC , we understand that a construction project can be complex, challenging, and stressful. We don’t take these facts lightly. Many times, this type of decision is the largest one an individual will make in his or her business. It takes a patient, flexible, and open-minded construction company to explain the process. We at K4MDC treat each project as if it were truly our own. Our team will ask the right questions and more importantly listen to the answers.


We will give you our undivided attention, a not-so-common trait in our electronic communication-laden society. We will build your trust by keeping confidences. Professional relationships are built on a foundation of trust and performance. You can trust that when working with K4MDC , we will do what we say and we will keep sensitive information confidential. We hold ourselves to this standard, an unparalleled standard of customer service.


Scope, schedule and budget are the three main components of project planning. Oftentimes, this is an iterative process requiring adjustments to the scope in order to meet your overall needs. We are well-versed in this process and are able to provide timely and accurate cost and scheduling information that incorporates the current state of the construction industry. Our team can help you by providing the level of detail needed for decision-making at each phase of the planning process, from conceptual design to approved construction drawings, and throughout construction.


Utilizing or renovating an existing facility can have many advantages. However, existing facilities often have conditions that impact construction timelines and costs or even the ability to meet your needs. We can help you by evaluating zoning restrictions, code compliance, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing conditions relative to your needs. You can then make informed decisions and budget accurately for the project. Your project will benefit from the experience and strong background in renovation work that our design and construction professionals bring to the table.

K4 Medical + Dental Combines It All

K4MDC combines the architectural, engineering, and construction experience of our professional staff to provide a comprehensive suite of service which include.

  • Ground – Up Building Construction
  • Full Site Development and Construction
  • Interior Renovation
  • Exterior Renovation (Facelift)
  • Building and Site Expansion
  • Value Engineering and Construction
  • Building Material Design and Selection
  • Construction Cost Projection and Budgeting
  • Construction Management
  • Detailed Design

Business modernization solutions

K4 Medical + Dental specialists make it their priority to understand the operations of our clients. We monitor the latest market trends with respect to facilities and building infrastructure in order to provide our clients with innovative design solutions to keep their business ahead of the competitive market.

Program Management

K4MDC specializes in developing a customized program management for your business expansion. We begin by immersing ourselves in understanding the operational and functional needs of your business. Our in-house design staff works on developing innovative design concepts to efficiently streamline your business solutions.

Each of our clients has a unique financial situation. Our expert staff will work within the boundaries of your businesses financial capacity to provide cost effective solutions. K4MDC is highly experienced in cost projections and budgeting. We provide advisory consultation to help our clients understand all conventional and innovative financing options. K4MDC can also assist your business with financing applications and processing.

K4 Medical + Dental provides comprehensive construction management solutions to complete your business expansion. K4MDC has extensive experience managing complex construction projects and ensuring on time delivery. Whether you are remodeling your existing facility or building a brand new facility K4MDC will implement our proven management practices to facilitate your construction needs.

K4MDC provide customized services & solutions, including a number of programs designed to meet your needs and simplify your project. Whether you are purchasing an existing business, expanding or developing new real estate K4MDC offers ultimate flexibility and control, with customized services and performance options, including;


Improve your Existing Business

An experienced Construction Solutions Specialist can show you ways to improve your business façade and interior with high level execution and plans for the future. K4 specialist will work closely with you, discussing the alternatives and helping you establish the best course of action.

K4 offers a spectrum of construction solutions at competitive prices, including design to help you consolidate services in completing the work. The commercial construction Design-Build experts from K4 can help you determine cost-effective methods for remodeling & expanding, also discuss design concept alternatives with Equipment suppliers to help you achieve your dream of a more modernized business now and in the future.

Whether you’re planning on acquiring a new business, purchase a property to develop new or modernization of existing business, K4has the expertise that allows you to achieve your goals sooner. While most competitors would require you to make a significant commitment and investment, we work with our clients and explore all financing options available to you. In addition to providing multiple services, K4 can minimize your risks and allow your business to enjoy flexibility and control, with sustained operational options.

Our Advantage

A Single Source of Contact

A Source of Multi-Services

A Knowledge of Business

A Staff of Diverse Expertise

A Design-Build Organization

A Source of Financing Options